(I still feel like crap and the day hasn’t improved, but I hate leaving the whiny post at the top.)

Something that I’ve failed to mention lately is just how amazingly awesome my friends are.

Last week, my sisters threw me a virtual baby shower. (My older sister was out here visiting, and my younger sister was back in Homestate, but they both technically “hosted.”) Older Sister was the only other person (besides me) actually in the room, but we had an amazing cyberspace turnout. They’d set up a chatroom, and we uploaded photos to another website, and dudes, people hung out in my bizarre virtual cybershower chatroom space for *two hours*. I had a fabulous time, laughed a lot, and ate way too many cupcakes with Older Sister. And we got an enormous amount of fabulous, generous gifts for H. (which are still rolling in, in the mail–the UPS guy and I have become quite friendly).ย  In fact, here is the Pile o’ Gifts Table (I’m leaving them out until GB’s had a chance to look through them, since he was off taking the Bar exam during the shower):

Seriously. How amazingly awesome are my friends? So awesome.ย  I feel incredibly lucky (despite my general bad attitude). My virtual shower rocked.