Okay, so I emailed my committee members to remind them about my recommendation letters. This fellowship application is due by Friday (the 29th), and I am really counting on it for next year. This is the one that I am “virtually assured” of getting, as long as my application materials are in and my advisor (whoever that might be) confirms that I’ve submitted at least two chapter drafts.

I also told them that my next chapter would be ready for feedback by next week, and asked if they would prefer that I send it right away, or wait until they’ve had a chance to read the chapters I’ve already sent (a gentle reminder that I have yet to receive ANY feedback on the chapters from December).

I got a response from the (New)Advisor, saying that he thinks I’ll have a better chance at the fellowship if he tells them he’s received *three* chapters from me, and encouraging me to send this draft along to him even if it’s in “by no means perfect shape”.

Here’s the thing. I’m working this temporary job-thing this week and next week. I work 8 hours today, and I’m either picking my sister up (about an hour away) tonight or tomorrow morning. There will be very little dissertating while my sister is here, due to a number of previously-made plans (and I’m working a little while she’s here, anyway). So it’s not looking like I’ve got a lot of dissertating time in my immediate future.

On the other hand, I only need to add two small sections to the chapter to make it a semi-complete crappy draft. I haven’t proofread or anything.

Is it insane to think that I could (or that I should) get this crappy, unfinished, un-proofread draft to the (New)Advisor by sometime tomorrow, so he can get the letter out? I think he means it when he says he’s okay with a (far) less than perfect draft, but how *much* less can I actually send without looking like a maroon? I’d hate to *not* send it to him, when it’s so close to being a semi-complete crappy draft…

ETA: I just cancelled my afternoon shift, so that gives me an extra 4 hours today. I think I can add the new sections, give it a super-quick read to make sure nothing unbelievably stupid (or, worse, misspelled) is lurking in there, and send it to the (New)Advisor by tomorrow.