Yeah, I know that the word meter over there says that I’m only 16 words away from my goal for this chapter. But it’s deceptive, because:

  • I still have at least 5-6 pages to go in this chapter;
  • this is the Chapter That Would Not Die (I’ve been writing it for about 2 months now);
  • I am positive that it’s going to end up being split into two chapters, both of which will have to be seriously rewritten;
  • I’m fairly sure it’s obvious I have no idea what I’m talking about;
  • the two most interesting points in the chapter happen in the footnotes, and while I do believe that’s where most of the good stuff happens, I also believe that I will be asked to move those Interesting Historical Points (i.e., Actual Content, unlike the rest of the chapter’s fluff) into the text and actually, you know, develop them;
  • developing the Actual Content points will require significantly more research, of the back-to-the-drawing-board variety; and
  •  there’s a very good chance that nothing I’ve written in this draft is acceptable, usable, or even comprehensible.

Still. Words on the page trump words in the brain. At least it’s *something*, right? Progress, of a sort?

Eeesh. I just wish I didn’t already know how much it sucks.