Oh yeah–if you don’t hear much from me for the next couple of weeks, it’s because my life is about to get very full.

I got this temporary job-type thing that starts tomorrow and goes for two weeks. It’s all working from home, which is great, and it will allow me to actually contribute to the household money instead of just spending it all, which is super-great. But I’m working 10 8-hour days over the next 2 weeks. Which, yeah, doesn’t sound like much–but if you’re me, and you’ve been used to napping most days (and eating through the waking hours) and are STILL trying to finish this freaking chapter that just will not end,* the prospect of 8 hour workdays is daunting (and when, exactly, will I be finishing this chapter?).

And GB leaves for City That Smells Like Horse Poop on Monday for the Bar exam. (Oooh, send good Bar vibes GB’s way, willya? He’s been studying so freaking hard. I really really really think he’ll pass this time, but good vibes can’t hurt.) Which, in itself, doesn’t complicate my life (except that I have to pill the Small-and-Wily-Cat myself). But my sister is coming too–she’ll be here all the days that GB is gone, actually–and I’m working this job a little while she’s here, and there’s this weird-ass virtual shower thing going on, and a doctor appointment in there somewhere, and honestly, I’m exhausted just thinking about my next two weeks, and I’m already annoyed that I can’t nap tomorrow.

So yeah. I’ll be around, or back, or whatever. Eventually.

(Oh, but! The day after this job ends, I officially enter the third trimester. How freaking insanely weird is that?)

*It’s at 40 pages, and I just outlined the rest of it and realized it could go another 20 pages, if I let it. The problem, partly, is that I had this whole section that was going to maybe be a sixth chapter, but then it occurred to me that I might be able to add it to the end of this chapter instead. I like that idea better, unless it gets really unwieldy, in which case I guess I just lop it off later. I kind of feel like I should keep going with it, though, in case it does work out okay in this chapter. Ugh. I kind of wish I had an advisor.