I cannot stop eating. Seriously. It’s out of control. I feel like I’ve been eating all day, and I won’t even have dinner until GB gets home around 9:30 tonight. I just had a “snack” of turkey bacon, a few leftover jalapeno poppers, and a cup of jello with peaches in it. Yes, I did not have another of those damnably good “two-bite” cupcakes on the counter, so there’s that to be happy about. Though I’m not saying how many of those I had earlier, or the many other things I’ve eaten today.

I took my weekly belly picture and I swear the li’l parasite doubled in size over the past week. The belly is taking on gigantic proportions.

I am going to give birth to a giant. Or a hippo. It could go either way.

I have another* gestational diabetes test next week. Wish me luck. I don’t really want a super-giant baby, and I also don’t want to stop eating cupcakes. The cupcakes will get me through the next three months, if I can just trust in them. And I do want a fat baby. Just not hippo-sized.
I’m in an odd mood. And freaking hungry. What should I eat next?

*I got the super-special first trimester GD test too, because of my *cough*Advanced Maternal Age*cough*.  That one was fine. But there have been a lot of cupcakes since then.