Okay, so, here’s what you need to know about my Dad, to know why I think this is funny.

My Dad is somewhere in his 80s. No one–literally, no one except him–knows his real age, due to a long history of lying about it. I know that he’s at least 7 years older than he claims to be, and older than my Mom thought he was during the 30 years they were married, but that’s all I know. He’s an immigrant from Middle Eastern Country–he came to this country to get his PhD in his 20s (or maybe 30s–who knows?), and he still has a very heavy accent, despite being here for like 50 years. He’s a retired college professor. He’s hard of hearing, so phone conversations with him are difficult. There are a LOT of things about him that I, and everyone else in my family, have Serious Issues with, but he and I have been getting along better in the past few years.

Okay. So, I was asking GB’s mom what she wanted the baby to call her–Grandma, Nana, something else. It’s her first grandchild, so I didn’t want to assume. I mentioned this to my mom, too, though she and my dad have six grandkids already, so I figured their grandparent names were pretty much set, since all the grandkids call them Grandma and Grandpa.

My mom was on the phone with my dad while she was visiting me here, and she asked him what he wanted our kid to call him. His response?


So I just talked to my dad and said, You really want H. to call you Buddy? And he said, “Sure, why not? I’m not that old. He can call me ‘Buddy-pa.'”

And that just made me laugh for like five minutes. So my parents will be H.’s Grandma and Buddy.

(Sidenote discussion, since GB’s mom is still making up her mind–what does your family call the grandparents? What about great-grandparents–H. will have GB’s grandparents, too? I only had one Grandma as a kid, until I was 4, so I don’t have a ton of grandparent-addressing experience.)