I’m 24 weeks pregnant today–a mini-milestone in the pregnancy world. If the li’l parasite were to be born now, he’d stand a chance of survival–about a 50-70% chance (28 weeks is the much more solid viability date). That’s not great, obviously, and I’d like to keep him in there for another 16 weeks or so. But this is the earliest point where hospitals would try to keep him alive.

That blows my mind. Kind of makes him seem a little more real.

Which is weird, because–shouldn’t this whole thing be seeming more and more real as time goes by? It’s so not. The more time passes, the more I’m like, “I’m going to have a WHAT?” The prospect of actually having a kid, and of me and GB being somebody’s parents (and not just some random somebody–being H.’s parents)….it’s just insane. Seriously, I don’t even have to take a test or anything?

Yeah. So. 16 weeks left–just about a semester’s worth of time. I’m really hoping that this is all a good idea. I mean, I’m mostly sure it is, and I’m sure GB will be an amazing dad. It’s just….me? I am so not a mom. This is going to be really freaking weird.

Anyway. In honor of our milestone today (which really does help to relieve my crazy-paranoid-pregnant-lady fears a tiny bit), you get belly pictures. They’re unclad-belly pictures. You were warned–there’s still time to look away.

First, a modestly clad photo:

Then, the real things:

that's a belly all right.

OMG there's a baby in there!

Weird, dudes. Anyway.  Happy early-viability day to H.!