Things I am really freaking tired of, in no particular order:

  • Phone conversations with my parents. They both want to talk about the weather, Every. Freaking. Time. I talk to them (and I talk to my mom almost every day). I get this from my dad–we don’t have a lot to talk about, and we talk pretty infrequently, so it’s just small talk. With my mom, though, it’s new, and very annoying. I don’t want to talk about the weather.
  • The Bar Exam. OMG, I am so over the freaking Bar exam. GB takes it at the end of this month, and he’s studying for it constantly. He’s still working between 9 and 11 hours a day, which doesn’t leave much studying time. I’m glad he’s all dedicated to it and shit, but I seriously never see him. Literally. We have dinner when he gets home at 9:30 or so, then we watch a little TV and go to sleep. I can’t wait for the fucking bar exam to be over.
  • Not sleeping. Waking up twelve times a night, getting up to pee twice, waking up to drink water, never being comfortable (holy hell do I miss sleeping on my back), and having these vivid and boring (not a good combination) dreams all night. I’m not even day-napping well.
  • How incredibly slowly I write. I am the slowest writer ever. Lately I take breaks after writing a sentence. Yes, this chapter is getting done. However, at this rate, this chapter will be done sometime in 2009, and the dissertation will be completed by 2012.
  • Gaining weight (everywhere besides the belly). So. Fucking. Over it. I’ve gone from a size small to a size large in shirts. This does not make me happy.
  • My time-wasting ways. I hate them. I want to stop them. I can’t seem to do that. Tomorrow I’m going to try to go write at Starbucks for awhile. I’m hoping that’ll cut down on my distractions at home.
  • Worrying about the cats’ health. The two big guys have me worried lately. They need to see a vet, which means I need to find a vet here, and then we need to deal with taking them in. I hate when the cats are/might be sick.

Okay, but, in all fairness, there are also things that are making me happy. And I don’t *want* to be all-bitchy-all-the-time. So, okay, good things:

  • I love that we have cable again. Yes, it’s a distraction, but damn I missed Law & Order.
  • Β I’m writing. Slowly, but words are getting on paper. That’s good.
  • These pink frosted sugar cookies from the supermarket are ridiculously good. So are Apple Jacks–I’ve developed an Apple Jacks addiction. And despite the weight gain, there is a small part of me that’s enjoying eating things I normally wouldn’t (because, you know, the baby needs cookies).
  • The kid’s moving around a lot. This is my favorite part of being pregnant (I was going to say “so far,” but I really don’t think there’s anything else I’m going to like about it, so I’m just going with “favorite”). Once I got over the Alien-esque parts of it (OMG, something is MOVING in my STOMACH!), it’s been pretty neat.
  • Guilty pleasure confession: I’ve really been enjoying Moment of Truth. I never watch shows like this, but it’s got me hooked. The concept is freaking brilliant.
  • My older sister will be here in a week and a half! (The same time GB takes the Bar.) I haven’t seen her in almost a year. I can’t wait.

Okay. I think that’s enough of the brain dump for now. Sorry. Besides the cats, y’all are pretty much the only people I talk to all day. It helps, though.