What is a “reasonable” amount of turnaround time between sending my committee members chapter drafts and expecting some kind of response from them?

I sent the first chapter to my committee in mid-December, and the second at the end of December. Yes, I’m sure that the holidays interfered. But I haven’t heard a peep–not Peep One!–from any of my three committee members, despite a couple of emails from me since them reminding them that my fellowship application is due at the end of February, and if the chapter drafts are unacceptable I really, really, really need to know in time to make changes to them.

I’ve heard nothing at all from History Chick, who will probably end up giving me the harshest and most annoying feedback (but having never actually gotten any from her, that remains to be seen). I got an email from the (New)(Pseudo)Advisor, saying that he’d sent off my other fellowship letter and would be reading my chapters soon. And I just got an email yesterday from the (Ex)Advisor, letting me know that the file I’d sent him wouldn’t open, and could I re-send it? (Which I did, of course, and expect to hear from him….uh, any day now.)

(Uh, yeah, that means that he hadn’t tried to even open the attachment in the 2+ months he’s had it.)

Is no news good news? Will they just write my recommendation letters for the fellowship and then, eventually, get back to me with comments/feedback?Β  The thing is that (like many of us, I’m sure) I hate, hate, hate feedback of any kind on my writing, and I am incredibly anxious because I’m positive they’re all going to tell me that my chapters are big steaming piles of crap. Sigh.

I’ve been reading and sympathizing with Anastasia’s horror stories about her committee’s lack of feedback. I wouldn’t say that my situation is that bad, at this point. But I mentioned my lack of feedback to my One School Friend, and she is appalled on my behalf, so I thought I’d run it by y’all, students and faculty alike: how long does it usually take you to give/receive feedback on dissertation chapter drafts?