Trader Joe’s blackberry preserves on buttered California sourdough toast.

So. Freaking. Good.*

*Okay, it’s not a super-chilled dirty martini.  Or even a super-spicy Absolut Peppar bloody mary with those awesome marinated green beans. But it’s still pretty good.**

**But now I really, really want a yummy afternoon-style adult beverage. Sigh.  113 days until my estimated due date. (BUT! 167 days already done! Which is a lot of not-drinking already down, for someone like me. Did I mention that, before getting pregnant, I would estimate that about one week was the longest I’d gone without an alcoholic beverage of some sort in, oh, about 18 years? So yeah. Go me.)***

***And yes, I do ascribe to the “alcohol in moderation is fine” theory of pregnancy. I just can’t seem to get into the occasional glass of wine or beer. I’ve probably had two or three (small, because I’m a paranoid freak) glasses of wine so far, in the past five months. The problem with wine is that I don’t enjoy it in moderation. Well, that would be my problem with alcohol in general, actually. But with the weather like it is now (gorgeous!), I suspect I’ll probably–gasp!–drink a beer or a hard cider in the next few weeks.  Mmmmm. That’ll be lovely.)****

****You know, I really thought I would be the hell-yeah-I’ll-have-regular-drinks kind of pregnant woman. I’ve surprised myself by not being able to get through a whole beer (I had three sips of one the other night and gave it to GB) or a glass of wine. It’s probably a damn good thing that I’m steering clear of the hard liquor altogether, though. That would be where my real vices lie.

Anyway, yeah, the toast was really good.