So, you know how I was worrying about whether or not to fly to Homestate at the end of March? I decided not to, because 1) GB couldn’t go with me; 2) my doctor recommends against flying in the third trimester, and I’d be 30 – 31 weeks; and 3) it’s a 7+ hour flight each way, with at least one layover.

You all were so awesomely helpful with that. Thanks.

So, along those lines, here’s what I’m trying to figure out now:

I got a message last night from one of our SF friends, asking if there was any way we could get to SF in March. This would be the weekend before I would have gone to Homestate, so I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant–just about 2 weeks into the 3rd trimester. I suspect there are secret shower plans afoot, and I would love to go to SF–I’ve totally been craving my absolute favorite sub in the whole freaking world lately. A lot. GB will probably still be working then, but we could go up for the weekend. We can either fly or drive. Driving would be 6+ hours each way, which would be a super-quick turnaround and very exhausting. Flying would be 1 hour each way. The SF rockstars have offered to pay for the plane ticket.

Okay, so: is it crazy that I think I want us to fly up there? Everything I read says the cutoff for pregnant flying is more like 34 – 36 weeks. (I know my doctor’s office is super-conservative on this, and is probably just covering their asses in the event that there’s a problem.) I’m thinking that a 1 hour flight at 29 weeks is probably not that big of a deal. I’m leaning toward telling them we’ll fly up, but y’all know this is the kind of thing I really, really need backup on. Whaddaya think?