• This is the kind of thing I have a terrible time deciding….and my blogfriends are smart. So here’s the deal:

My sisters want to throw a shower for me. That part is awesome. My sisters live in two different states–Younger Sister lives in HomeState, and Older Sister lives in AnotherState. My mom lives with YS, in HomeState (though not in Hometown). My mom is going on a trip at the end of March, and OS is going up to YS’s house for a week, to take care of YS’s son while she’s working (she’s doing temporary Mom-replacement).

So my sisters said, why don’t I come to HomeState while both of them will be there, and they’ll throw the shower at YS’s house. I do, actually, have friends in HomeState–lots of them, though about 3 hours from YS’s house. Still–they’re troopers, and I suspect that at least a few people might trek out for the shower. Which would be awesome, too.

But I have reservations. I asked my doctor last week how late I could fly, and she said that their office is very conservative about that–that they discourage flying in the third trimester. I would be at 30 weeks–so 2 weeks into my 3rd tri. And it’s a 6 hour flight, not counting layovers (there are no direct flights–at all!–between here and YS’s city).

So. Reasons going would be a great idea:

  • I’d get to see both YS and OS, as well as my adorable nephew.
  • I’d probably get to see at least some of my Hometown Women, which would be fabulous.
  • I’d definitely (one way or another) see Skycat and the Yogini, which would be super-fabulous too.
  • I’d get a baby shower. Fun! (I think. I have actually never been to a baby shower, and from what I hear they can be horrifying, but I’m still going with “fun”.)

Reasons I’m leaning toward probably not going:

  • My doctor doesn’t condone the 3rd trimester flying. If this were going to be 2 weeks earlier, I’d feel fine. I know it’s only 2 weeks into the 3rd trimester, but it makes me nervous that my doctor doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
  • While I’ve had a happily uneventful pregnancy so far, I am, technically, of “Advanced Maternal Age.” Which means that while I’m certainly not “high-risk,” I’m not exactly a spring chicken, either.
  • Jason will be visiting us here during that same weekend–so I’d miss seeing him here.
  • GB will be hanging out with Jason that weekend (they already have tickets to the Can’t-Be-Missed-Exhibition-Game), so he won’t be coming with me if I go.
  • Even under the best circumstances, I’m afraid to fly. I usually deal with that by self-medicating with either alcohol or Klonopin. I won’t be able to do that on this flight, and I won’t be flying with GB (which calms me a little), so I’ll be freaking out the whole trip.
  • It’s a long-ass flight.
  • I’ve already told my sisters what the doctor said, and while they’re leaving the decision up to me, they’ll totally understand if I can’t go.
  • YS has offered to try to put together some kind of Virtual Shower Experience, if I can’t make it back there. I’m not sure how that would work out (because it kind of sounds like “send me gifts,” which makes me uncomfortable), but I’d leave that up to her. And it’s awfully nice of her. (Especially considering I did absolutely nothing while she was pregnant last year. I am a bad sister, I think. But at least I’m repentant.)

So. Clearly, I’m leaning toward probably not going. I guess I kind of want support on that….or to be told that I’m being ridiculous and I should go. What do y’all think?