We had the big ultrasound today. My mom’s in town, so she came with us (the whole seeing-the-fetus thing wasn’t so much around when my siblings and I were born, it seems).

The ultrasound started out fine–the tech was nice, and explained all the blurry, grainy parts on the screen to us. While it was kind of hard to tell, it seems like he’s got all the parts he’s supposed to have, and no extras. At one point the tech asked, “Who has the second toe longer than the first toe?” That would be me, with the prehensile toes, and I said so–she pointed to the screen and showed us his toes. Holy moley, that boy’s got a long second toe. Clear as day. GB has a longer second toe too, so really, the kid didn’t have a chance on that one….but it was really awesome to see. Definitely made him seem more like a real little person, with his own real weird toe.

About halfway through the ultrasound, though, I started feeling like crap. I got really, really hot, and really, really nauseous, and a little shaky. I actually kind of felt like I might be having a panic attack. At first, I thought it might be because I’d just had a big breakfast and she was pressing on my stomach, but I kept feeling worse even when she moved away from my stomach. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I said, “We need to take a break–I have to take my sweater off. I’m burning up.” The tech looked concerned, I took my sweater off, things slightly improved. She’d already seen all the main parts, so she just checked the sex for us again (and wrote “outdoor plumbing” on the photo of The Goods, which I found kind of endearing) and let me sit up. Then she asked if I’d been feeling sick during the ultrasound–apparently, I got completely pale at some point, and the paper on the table I was lying on was pretty much drenched in sweat. She told me–surprise!–that I felt like crap because I was on my back for too long, and got all hypotensive.

See, I knew that back-sleeping was no good during pregnancy, and despite absolutely loving the back-sleep, I’ve been avoiding it. But I thought it could just make me a little breathless. I had no freaking idea that lying flat on my back for 15 minutes would put so much pressure on the veins in my back that I’d feel like puking and passing out. Good to know for next time, I guess. That would be another of those “joys of pregnancy,” if you’re keeping track at home.

Anyway–little H. looks good. Because of the way the appointment got scheduled we saw the doctor before the ultrasound, so no one actually went over the u/s results with us–and the tech couldn’t tell us anything medically about the baby. But she said, “All I can tell you is that he looks exactly like every other 22 week fetus,” which is exactly what I wanted to hear.

So here’s our little guy today:

Can you see that at all? His head is over on the left, facing up–you can see his hand right above his nose. One of his legs is up over his belly–that’s a leg bone and a foot up there.

I think he’s getting cuter. And he’s more than halfway done now!