My recent clumsiness and absentmindedness have been endless sources of amusement for GB, but I find the whole thing much less enjoyable.

I just started two loads of laundry, to try to get the place presentable for my mom’s visit–she gets here on Wednesday. I put both loads in the washers, then put 75 cents in each and hit “high temp.”

So why was I surprised when, instead of water beginning to run in the washing machines, the dryers started up?

So I just lost $1.50 in the dryers (I opened the doors to stop them from running empty, but my time is running out regardless), and I had to put in the $3.00 for the washing machines, too. Stupid stacked washer/dryers.

(Last time I did laundry, I only hit “start” on one machine, and then couldn’t figure out why one load of clothes didn’t seem very clean, or wet…)

So yeah. Whether it’s actual brain-shrinkage, or hormones, or whatever, it’s pretty freaking annoying.

(I also have been trying to buy an umbrella for over two weeks now. I have been to many, many stores that sell umbrellas. I have yet to remember I want one until I’m back home. Yes, even when it’s raining.)