Last weekend rocked. We have this one friend here–I think I’ve mentioned before that one of our SF friends, TJ, lives in our town (which we discovered after moving here–pretty cool). She’s been busy and away a lot, but last weekend was her birthday. Another one of our awesome SF friends–I’ll call her Julie McCoy, a pseudonym she’s taken on herself–came down to cook a huge, awesome birthday dinner for TJ and her girlfriend, the Badass Brazilian.

So we had a weekend full of Real Live Local Friends. And it was awesome. I can’t believe how isolated I’ve felt here, and getting to spend Two! Nights! In! A! Row! with friends, having dinner, drinking (well, watching them drink, but that’s still entertaining enough for now), talking, and laughing–a lot–was so freaking awesome. Dinner was amazing–Julie McCoy, in addition to her social-organizing skillz, makes a mean risotto–and the company? Unbeatable.

(On Sunday and Monday we went up to GB’s parents’ to celebrate their birthdays, too–yes, I collect Capricorns in my life–and that was a whirlwind trip, but super fun, too.)

And now? I just got a call from *another* SF friend, who I love dearly and haven’t talked to since September, telling me that he and his boyfriend will be here this weekend! It’ll probably be a quick visit, but I think we’ll get dinner with them on Saturday.

Dudes! TWO WEEKENDS of friends in a row! (And then my mom gets here a week from today!) I could seriously get used to having Real Live Friends again. That move back up to SF is looking mighty good to me….