It occurred to me the other day that we haven’t gone to see a live band in…damn. Too long. And that, unlike other things that can’t be helped (*cough*martini*cough*), we can actually do something about that. And that despite my reservations about this area, there’s a LOT of music to be seen.

So I looked around, and then I went OMGPONIES!!!!! because I had no idea that the Avett Brothers were playing around here, and then I recovered and bought tickets. So whoohooo! We have tickets to see them in March! (When I will hopefully not be so huge and cranky that I don’t want to go…right now I’m psyched about it, anyway, and it’ll be H’s first in utero concert.)

GB put the song “Living of Love” on my Sappy Birthday Mix (hee–he didn’t actually call it that, but I just realized that’s kind of perfect)–first song, actually–and I get it stuck in my head all the time. (You can listen to it at that link, too.) “Shame” was the first song of theirs I heard, awhile back…it still reminds me a lot of my last few months on the East Coast. Good stuff.

Anyway. I’m psyched to do something non-baby-obsessive, with other Real People. I might even try to get GB drunk, just for the contact buzz (well, and the taking-advantage benefits).