(Non-parents/caregivers/baby-wearers, since you’re most likely not going to give a shit (understandably) about most of this post, um….what TV series should we watch on DVD next?  We had The Wire lined up, but the first disc is listed on Netflix as having an “extremely long wait” (which I’ve never even seen before…damn, is it really that good?). So….what else should we do next? As a reminder, we’ve watched and loved Buffy, Angel, Firefly (anything Joss Whedon has touched, actually), Six Feet Under, Oz, Deadwood, Sopranos, Dexter, Dead Like Me, Weeds….and we seem to really like all the HBO series (serieses?). So? What’s next, while we’re waiting for The Wire?)


So, I’m realizing–and I’m not sure why I’m surprised by this–that GB and I are (will be), in many ways, what could be considered “crunchy” parents.  We’re all about what is annoyingly called “attachment parenting,“**–for instance, we’re going cribless and co-sleeping** and opting for a sling over a stroller. Which is where the advice part comes in.

Okay, first, I know that different parents and different babies like different things, and we’ll probably have to just wait till H. gets here to figure out what kind of carrying system works best for him. But I’d like to have options ready. Yesterday I got an *amazing* deal (75% off!) on a Hotsling pouch-style carrier at Target; it gets great reviews. But I only bought my size, not GB’s, and I think I’m going to want other options, anyway. I’m also thinking about getting a MobyWrap (or the new Moby Wrap D?) (a stretchy-wrap kind; also gets good reviews, and GB and I could both use it), and we’ll be getting a Baby Bjorn from my sister.

So, my question to those of you who have baby-carrying (externally) experience: Will those three styles give me enough variety to figure out what we like? Should I try a ring sling too (and if so, which ones?) Have you used any of these with a newborn, and how’d that work out? Is it smarter to just go with an adjustable wrap style (or ring style?) that GB and I (with our somewhat, though not vastly, different heights and weights) can both use? Why do I only see women wearing slings (of any sort) in ads, and men wearing Baby Bjorns (or other structured carriers)? Is this just another annoying gender thing, or is there some legitimate reason the sling won’t be comfortable on GB?

(I currently have a bunch of different slings on my watchlist on ebay, ,so I’m planning on not spending enormous amounts of money on my different OCD options. And yes, I have time. But while the panic attacks have abated, mostly, since I quit drinking, I can’t say the same for the OCD, so humor me, huh?)

*Which is weird, because, again, all the things “attachment parenting” suggests are mostly the ways my parents raised all four of us kids…Though they weren’t being crunchy, they were just going with Middle Eastern cultural tradition. Since I was born in my dad’s country of origin, I think I got more of the benefits of co-sleeping and baby-wearing than my siblings…which, I’m sure, explains my propensity for tie-dyes in college and my love of the Grateful Dead.

**PLEASE refrain from comments about the dangers of co-sleeping. This is a part of our future parenting that we’re not debating. I slept with my entire family until I was 11 (in the same room, not the same bed, but still)–for my parents, it was a cultural thing, and that made it somehow more “acceptable” to Americans. So that’s what I’m going with. It’s a cultural thing.