Guess it’s been a little quiet around here. There’s just not much going on, around me or in my head, that’s really worth talking about lately.

Still not really doing any work on the diss, though I dutifully sit here and stare at it every day.

Still not much going on in the social realm, though that’s looking up a little. We have this one friend from SF who lives here in our town, pretty close to us, though she’s out of town most of the time. I had lunch with her yesterday, though, and we made plans to start hanging out more–maybe doing a regular movie night, which would rock, since all we do is watch movies anyway. Her girlfriend is moving out here this week from the Other Coast, too, and I might try hanging out with her a bit–though I’ve only met the GF once, and y’all know how I am about people I don’t know–yeah, I hide from them. But we’ll see. At any rate, it was really, really, really nice to have lunch with an actual friend yesterday. I have totally missed that.And another of our SF friends is coming down here next weekend, so I may actually get a bit more social interaction. Sober social interaction, but whatever. I’ll take what I can get.

My mom is coming to visit in two weeks…which is good, but we have a bunch of things we need to do to the apartment to make it Mom-ready, including buying a guest bed and switching the rooms around. I think that’s next weekend’s project…since I know, at least, that I won’t be hungover. Small favors, right?

Haven’t heard a word back from The (Ex)Advisor, despite my nudging email today….not a word from Other Committee Member, either. So I’m still utterly convinced that they are too busy gagging on the horribleness of my work to email me back.

And otherwise? I’m still pretty much depressed. Yeah, the OCD about the baby is nice, because it keeps me distracted (though that’s probably not actually a good thing, seeing as how I’m supposed to be dissertating and all). But I’m also impatient as hell, and I cannot believe I’m only halfway through this freaking pregnancy, and goddamn, these dreams that make me feel like I’m not even sleeping can stop any fucking time now. (Though they won’t, since they’ve been going on pretty much since the minute I got pregnant.) So I’m sleeping in late, and napping too much, trying to get some actual, real sleep in there somewhere. It’s not really working out.

I’m in a freaking rut. Bah.

Guess it’s true: winter has nothing to do with the weather. It’s 79 degrees here today, but I’ve got some deep winter going on.