We made one major baby-related purchase, so that’s kind of satisfying. My mom had given us a very generous Amazon gift certificate, and they happened to have free shipping on the Pack ‘n Play we wanted, so we bought it last night. Whoohooo! One major baby purchase down!

It was actually the only piece of equipment we need where we had a preference at all as to what it looks like. I mean, have you seen some of these things? Holy crap. Babies should not be exposed to that much plaid. It’s inhumane.

So this is the Pack ‘n Play we got for H.:


Oh my god, seriously? How cute is my little boy going to be in that pink rosebud interior?

(And I figure the navy blue outer parts will–somewhat–pacify my mom, who will certainly Have Something To Say about the roses.)

Oh, and I bought him these t-shirts the other day. We have a bunch of clothes for him already, between hand-me-downs from my sister’s kid, things my mom is buying, and stuff I’ve bought, but the vast majority of it is blue. I don’t buy blue things–I mostly buy the white and green stuff–but still: 95% of the kid’s wardrobe right now is shades of blue. And as y’all know far too well from reading my bitchiness here, the gender thing is not a passing thought to me–it’s absolutely one of the most important issues to me about how I raise my son (to fight the Gender Powers, that is). So I’m happy to have the first clothes in these colors now ready and waiting for him:


Can I just say, while I’m on the subject, that among GB’s many, many fabulous traits, his favorite color is pink? I get serious encouragement on the gender-bending shopping sprees. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.