(…which is not entirely certain, since the tech was not 100% on the sex at our last ultrasound. But I understand that it’s more common for boys to look like girls than vice versa…so we’re working with the assumption that the baby is, in fact, a boy. Though we have an awesome girl’s name picked out, too, just in case.)*

Okay–because obsessing about the baby is, in fact, a good distraction from the rest of my life, and because my throngs of readers expressed interest and encouraged me, I think I’m ready to tell y’all the baby’s name. Apparently blogging these things is no good, though (so I still have to come up with a pseudonym for him…but that’ll wait, for now), so I’m just going to point you to the names. (I’m not sure why that’s better–I mean, I actually am not sure why blogging the baby’s name would be a problem–but I’m keeping with blog tradition on this one. More or less. Pointing you to the name is probably still a breach of blog-standards.)

Anyway. So, we’re going to name him this, and we’re going to call him this.

His last name will be hyphenated: Buzz-Bob (though sadly, it doesn’t sound nearly that good…it’ll actually be more like Buzzbuzzbuzz-Bobbob). Can I just say how incredibly annoying I find the anti-hyphenation arguments? (“That name will be too long.” Uh, that’s a very Eurocentric argument, actually. Many, many people have long last names. Grrr.) Like I’m sure I’ve said before, we don’t love the hyphenation, but it’s important (to both of us–yes, surprisingly to some people, names can be important to men AND women) that he has the same name as both of us and knows that he’s a part of both sides of the family.

GB’s been a little surprised by how strongly he feels, now that it’s “real”, that the baby have his last name (at least partly). Before we got pregnant, GB was firmly on the matrilineal side (he has his mom’s surname, you’ll recall) of the argument–he wanted the baby to just have my name. Now, though, he wants the baby to be a Bob too–which I totally get, seeing as how I’m not ready to “just give the baby ‘Buzz’ (my real last name, not the much cooler ‘Buzz’ unfortunately) as a middle name” (suggested by many people…how, exactly, is that a fair trade? How many people’s middle names do you know?). Anyway. Hyphenation it is.

In what I think is a weird thing to get all adamant about, though, GB does not want to give the baby a middle name. I think it’s mostly because he wants to keep the kid’s name manageable–ie, short first name, no middle name, long last name. Which I kind of get. But NO middle name? I’ve actually only known two people (that I know of) who didn’t have middle names (Bad Idea is one of them, actually), and I’ve always thought it seemed kind of….negligent. But GB, who is never adamant about anything, really, is about this. Do y’all know people without middle names? Are they fine? They’re not all axe-murderers, are they?

*ETA: If he turns out to be a girl, this will most likely be her name.