Even though I say it to myself, and to the cats, and to GB, all the time. Even though it pisses me off to no end and I cannot stop bitching about it. I just want to say,ย  once, in a semi-public forum:

“Girl” and “boy” are not colors.

I offer you this example (one of far too many): this pack of baby onesies comes in two choices of color: “girl set” and “boy set.”

(“Girl set” is, of course, the one I added to the registry. I mean, come on. Look at those cute little pink and purple bodysuits! And it says “Little Cupcake”! The boy set, on the other hand, says “Little Engineer.” While that makes more financial sense–I would prefer, I guess, that my son pursue a career as an engineer than as a cupcake (though “cupcake” is a fine hobby)–I have to admit I think of my (imaginary, projected, six-months-in-the-future) newborn as much more of a cupcake than an engineer.)

(And to everyone who has responded to news of the baby’s sex with something like “Oh, now we can start buying him pink things!,” I thank you. Sincerely. My older sister just said that to me, and I swear it made me like her even more than I already did. Though, of course, this is the same sister who is making an awesome embroidered quilt for the baby that will be primarily pink and green. My big sister rocks. And so do all of you wonderful people who are vowing to help me dress my boy in socially gender-inappropriate clothing.)

Yeah, I know I’m lying. This is not the last time I’ll bitch about this.