You know, we move around a lot.

When I was 22, I moved across the country from Hometown to San Francisco, for grad school. I eventually ended up dropping out of Touchy-Feely-New-Age School (don’t ask) and going to a much more appropriate-for-me school for my MA, but I stayed in SF. Moved around a lot, though. I lived in three apartments there before I met GB, and then, over the next nine years or so, GB and I lived in five apartments in three different Bay Area cities (including SF).

Then I got into Fancypants U., which required another cross-country move. GB drove across with me and two of the cats, got me set up, and then went back to California, packed up his stuff, and moved himself to Arizona. We spent a long, crappy eight months apart, and then he moved out to the East Coast with me. We lived in three apartments there, in three cities, over the five years we spent on the east coast.

Then we packed up the cats again and drove back across the country this summer to try out the bottom of California. And I think I’ve been very clear regarding my feelings about this area. I find it incredibly mediocre. Granted, I never go to Big Nearby City, though GB works there everyday. I pretty much stay in Beach Town, and while the weather is okay (though I much prefer fog and rain), it’s just…meh. I don’t find anything wonderful about it. And holy fucking god, do I miss my friends. The whole having-no-local-friends? It’s no good for me. Every time I’ve moved, I’ve met people at bars, and that is clearly not working for me now.

(If you’re keeping track–and I hope you’re not, for your sake–this is the 9th apartment GB and I have lived in together in 11 1/2 years. That’s counting the three months we lived in GB’s parents’ garage in 1998, a time really best forgotten.)

So anyway. Last night over dinner I got a little whiny. I miss our friends, and it just doesn’t make any sense to me to have really amazing friends in three different cities in the U.S. and not be living near any of them.  And I’m not sure why we’re here, anyway, and I know GB likes the weather and all, but seriously? I am dying of loneliness here. The other day my sister suggested that we move back there (to Hometown State) where mom could take care of both of our kids, and our boys (who will be a year and a half apart) can grow up together. And it actually sounded like a great idea.

So GB, who is always game for Moving On, says, Well, there’s no reason we can’t move back up north. Meaning Northern California, of course.  Where we do have friends, albeit mostly heavy-drinking friends–but nonetheless, friends we love and miss. And my city,  of course, which I always miss.

So we’re on a lease here until the end of summer, and we’ll stay here until the baby’s born and the lease is up…but then? We’ll see. There may be another move coming up.