January 2008

We had the big ultrasound today. My mom’s in town, so she came with us (the whole seeing-the-fetus thing wasn’t so much around when my siblings and I were born, it seems).

The ultrasound started out fine–the tech was nice, and explained all the blurry, grainy parts on the screen to us. While it was kind of hard to tell, it seems like he’s got all the parts he’s supposed to have, and no extras. At one point the tech asked, “Who has the second toe longer than the first toe?” That would be me, with the prehensile toes, and I said so–she pointed to the screen and showed us his toes. Holy moley, that boy’s got a long second toe. Clear as day. GB has a longer second toe too, so really, the kid didn’t have a chance on that one….but it was really awesome to see. Definitely made him seem more like a real little person, with his own real weird toe.

About halfway through the ultrasound, though, I started feeling like crap. I got really, really hot, and really, really nauseous, and a little shaky. I actually kind of felt like I might be having a panic attack. At first, I thought it might be because I’d just had a big breakfast and she was pressing on my stomach, but I kept feeling worse even when she moved away from my stomach. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I said, “We need to take a break–I have to take my sweater off. I’m burning up.” The tech looked concerned, I took my sweater off, things slightly improved. She’d already seen all the main parts, so she just checked the sex for us again (and wrote “outdoor plumbing” on the photo of The Goods, which I found kind of endearing) and let me sit up. Then she asked if I’d been feeling sick during the ultrasound–apparently, I got completely pale at some point, and the paper on the table I was lying on was pretty much drenched in sweat. She told me–surprise!–that I felt like crap because I was on my back for too long, and got all hypotensive.

See, I knew that back-sleeping was no good during pregnancy, and despite absolutely loving the back-sleep, I’ve been avoiding it. But I thought it could just make me a little breathless. I had no freaking idea that lying flat on my back for 15 minutes would put so much pressure on the veins in my back that I’d feel like puking and passing out. Good to know for next time, I guess. That would be another of those “joys of pregnancy,” if you’re keeping track at home.

Anyway–little H. looks good. Because of the way the appointment got scheduled we saw the doctor before the ultrasound, so no one actually went over the u/s results with us–and the tech couldn’t tell us anything medically about the baby. But she said, “All I can tell you is that he looks exactly like every other 22 week fetus,” which is exactly what I wanted to hear.

So here’s our little guy today:

Can you see that at all? His head is over on the left, facing up–you can see his hand right above his nose. One of his legs is up over his belly–that’s a leg bone and a foot up there.

I think he’s getting cuter. And he’s more than halfway done now!


Seriously. Having a nephew who’s a year and half older than our kid? Brilliant.

My mom got here today–she’s here until Sunday. She brought us a swing (the one we wanted, which happened to be the one my sister also picked out), a carseat (secondhand, but in perfect condition), and a bunch more clothes. Awesome. And it’s good to see her. I hope I can get a grip on my irritability and just be nice, dammit.

And tomorrow is our big ultrasound! Here’s hoping we get confirmation on the sex, and that the baby has all the parts he’s supposed to have, and nothing extra.  Pictures will, undoubtedly, follow.

I’ve seen this enough places now that I feel it’s been thoroughly tested and ready for my blog:

Make Your Own Album Cover
1. Click on this link. The title of the page is the name of your band.
2. Click on this link. The last four words of the final quotation on the page are the title of your album.
3. Click on this link. The third picture is your album cover.
4. Add your band name and title to the picture.

Seriously? How totally perfect is that?

My recent clumsiness and absentmindedness have been endless sources of amusement for GB, but I find the whole thing much less enjoyable.

I just started two loads of laundry, to try to get the place presentable for my mom’s visit–she gets here on Wednesday. I put both loads in the washers, then put 75 cents in each and hit “high temp.”

So why was I surprised when, instead of water beginning to run in the washing machines, the dryers started up?

So I just lost $1.50 in the dryers (I opened the doors to stop them from running empty, but my time is running out regardless), and I had to put in the $3.00 for the washing machines, too. Stupid stacked washer/dryers.

(Last time I did laundry, I only hit “start” on one machine, and then couldn’t figure out why one load of clothes didn’t seem very clean, or wet…)

So yeah. Whether it’s actual brain-shrinkage, or hormones, or whatever, it’s pretty freaking annoying.

(I also have been trying to buy an umbrella for over two weeks now. I have been to many, many stores that sell umbrellas. I have yet to remember I want one until I’m back home. Yes, even when it’s raining.)

Not nearly as fast as Billie, but respectable, I think.

(Did I ever tell y’all about my adventures–for two years–as SuperTemp? Oh, yeah, I have temping stories. Some of them are even entertaining, if you’re a little drunk…)

76 words

Touch Typing online

  • I think the little Buzz-Bob must be going through a huge growth spurt, because literally all I want to do these past few days is eat and sleep.
  • Random sidenote: One of my all-time most hated things is when people use the word “literally” to mean “figuratively.” Grrr. It gives me fist-making feelings.
  • Speaking of fist-making feelings, Jason might be coming out here to visit at the end of March. Keeping my fingers crossed that he gets the exhibition tickets he’s looking for. I’d love to see him.
  • Speaking of B-towners, I finally called Bad Idea to wish him a belated birthday. I left a message on his voicemail and haven’t heard back, but I mostly just wanted to make the call. I’m not sure I actually want to talk to him. I think he might make me cry, and I would hate that.
  • On a happier B-towner note, talking to IB/DM on the phone was totally the highlight of my day yesterday. God DAMN do I miss my Other Coast friends.
  • So, that whole wanting to sleep and eat constantly thing? It’s just cruel. Cruel and ironic, because I am so freaking tired and I just want to sleep, and then, holy fuck, these dreams.
  • I went back to sleep after GB left, despite the guilt, and in the two hours I slept (TWO MORE HOURS! No wonder I’m not getting anything done) I had these dreams: a giant ocean flood that involved a baby seal coming up and licking my leg; somehow sitting in macaroni and cheese and needing to change all my clothes; almost, but not quite, getting naked with GB; and a dream in which GB and I decided we had to give our Big Orange Cat an overdose of morphine (you know, because he’s itchy, so we had to kill him). Horrible. I can’t deal with this shit.
  • So I’m still sitting in bed now, but I’m hungry, so I think I’ll need to actually get my ass up soon. What are the chances I’ll actually be productive today? Small to none.
  • There’s this one episode from my fieldwork that I needed to use to open the chapter I’m writing. I did finish writing that part yesterday, though for some reason that doesn’t feel very productive. But it is, I guess–assuming I keep the whole piece, it’s about six pages. Six pages, taken straight from my fieldnotes, and not especially exciting stuff….but still, it feels like six free pages.
  • Now I just have to actually, you know, write some more.
  • And fight the urge to drive out to the mall today to check out the baby clearance stuff and get some Dairy Queen. Last week I got one of the slings I wanted for 75% off…I do love the bargain shopping.
  • You know what I don’t get? Who are these pregnant women who are sending their husbands out to get them food and stuff? It’s hard for me to imagine asking GB to go out and get me something that I don’t want to go out for myself. The only situation I could think of where I’d do that would be if I was really sick, or if the kid was already here and I was recovering from the birth or something. Otherwise? I love the idea, but that kind of thing just wouldn’t fly in our relationship. I don’t really get it.
  • Crap. I think I really do have to get up, to eat again if nothing else. This baby’s going to be a 20-pounder.

It’s cold out, for where we live–46 degrees right now. I know, cry you a river…but it’s chilly. And it’s raining, hard–downpours since yesterday morning.

GB’s alarm went off at 6:30, like it usually does. He’s not feeling well–he’s been fighting off a bug for the past few days, and he’s been waking up tired and feeling sick.

He got dressed and left for work.

I am seriously considering going back to bed. I slept like crap, woke up all night, had intense, fucked-up dreams, and I’m sleepy. And also, not so much motivated on the writing.

But I feel so guilty going back to bed when GB is up and out and driving in this crap….

I know. My guilt will not make him feel better. Okay. I’m going back to bed.

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