I was almost done with re-doing this gigantic New Year’s meme from last year, when I hit some random button on my keyboard (I am usually a spaz, and pregnancy has really made this worse, much to GB’s constant amusement) and lost the whole freaking post.

It was a long-ass post.

Whatever.Β  I’ll let it go. But I’m also pouty because I feel like shit today. I woke up with what I assume is a cold–a headache, sore throat, and a little bit of a dry cough. I promptly decided to just go ahead and bring the laptop to bed with me and commit to spending the day lying around. Except I’ve been feeling too crappy to enjoy lying around, so instead of watching movies like I planned (Netflix has a ton of the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” on their watch-on-demand thing), I’ve been dozing off and on, watching the news (why is the news on all day?), and trying to work on this fellowship application.

I’m also trying to remember why we thought it was a good idea to not get cable. That was some bad planning.

Anyway. The headache got bad enough for awhile to freak me out, and then I called my mom for sympathy, and she was all, “Do you have other symptoms? Because I hope it’s not toxemia.” (Uh, thanks, Mom.) I finally broke down and took some Tylenol, drank a bunch of water, and went back to sleep, and now it’s back to just being a manageable headache. But it’s still making me grumpy.

The application is coming along, though, mostly because I’ve stopped caring about it. Apparently this internal fellowship is “virtually assured” if my advisor approves my chapters, so I’m less worried about it. The other is a longshot anyway, so I’ve decided to just not care either way.

(Here’s a random fellowship-related question, though: the guidelines for the internal fellowship ask for a statement of purpose “not to exceed 1000 words.” Do you think they’re serious about this? I saw a copy of my friend’s winning application from last year for this same fellowship, and hers was twice that long. Mine right now is about 1800 words…do I really need to cut to 1000? I’m happy to do that, but is that just ridiculously short? How much of what they say do they actually mean?)

So. I’m grumpy. I feel like shit. I’ve barely gotten out of bed all day. And I’m clearly feeling whiny. Anybody else got anything exciting going on?