Seriously, how do people edit their own drafts? I know I’ve done it before, obviously, but damn…I’ve been staring at this chapter all day, off and on, and it’s making me sick. I mean literally–I read about two sentences, get totally nauseous, and have to stop. It’s really, really bad. It’s atrociously bad. I’m always super hard on my own work, but jeebus, I honestly don’t think I can even read this through.

I was hoping to send a rough (though at least proofread and edited, a bit) draft of this to The Advisor this week (ideally, by Wednesday). I need to get it to him soon because I need to write this fellowship application, and he needs to approve these drafts before the application goes to my department. But really, how rough of a draft can I send? And how the hell do I keep slogging through reading this crap?

Grr. This is not making me happy.