Weezy wins! It was the dark horse choice, but amazingly, she got it.

We’re having a boy!

A very non-exhibitionist boy…he was happy to show his face, but less happy to show his stuff. He spent most of the ultrasound sitting in the lotus position with one hand on his head.Β  But the ultrasound tech was pretty confident about seeing boy parts. Definitely not 100%–she suggested we confirm it at our next ultrasound–but she seemed pretty sure.

We’re surprised, and very, very happy that there’s a squirmy, moving baby boy in there.

Here’s the telltale shot–hard to see, but his legs are pointing up:

(Yeah, I won’t be showing him this blog anytime soon, right?)

And here’s a not-so-clear but awesome profile shot:

Yeah. Awesome. Tired now. Must watch Oz with GB. Talk amongst yourselves.