• This has made me laugh every time I’ve looked at it:

Clearly, making me laugh OR cry lately is super easy.

  • I *think*–fingers crossed that he doesn’t get a last-minute email–that GB will actually be off tomorrow and Saturday. This will be amazing. He hasn’t had a day off in about 19 days.
  • As mentioned, GB’s mom and Aunt B. (not that Aunt B.–though, That Aunt B., you’re welcome to visit too) are coming here tomorrow morning. I am very excited about this, too. It’s been lonely here, and I’m totally looking forward to eating, playing board games, and watching GB and Aunt B. drink.
  • Holy fucking god do I miss drinking.
  • How awesome is this “coffee and cigarettes” ring?Seriously, I love it. At one point in my life, I would not have hesitated more than half a second before buying this for myself. Now, not so much–not sure I need to be reminded of vices I no longer have–but I still think it’s awesome.

  • The word meter continues to move. I am almost done with a rough, awful draft of this chapter. At some point along the way I lost track of what the chapter’s about, and right now I think it absolutely sucks. But I only have one more (probably short, it’s looking like) section to write, and I can call it a first draft. I think I’ll have to send this one off to the Advisor without much (any?) editing, too….Which is unfortunate. But having drafts done–even shitty ones–feels good.
  • I have a belly. At first I thought it was the cookies catching up to me, but I really can see it now–it’s definitely starting to be a baby-belly. I don’t think anyone else can see it–I think I still just look fat–but I can totally tell. GB says he can too (“kinda”), but I think he’s just being nice.
  • While I was writing this a box came from my sister. You’ll recall that My Sister the Vet was kind enough to have her first baby last November, thereby ensuring that my nephew is out of all of his first-year clothes in time for our baby to benefit. So my sister and my mom packed up a bunch of my nephew’s outgrown clothes and sent them off to us. It’s really sweet of them–a lot of this stuff still has the tags on. Still…can you guess my snarky first reaction, on unpacking the box (aka The Great Big Box of Blue)?:

If you guessed “Damn, now I really hope we have a girl,” you’ve been reading my blog.

(My sister is fabulous, though. Can you see the tiny Santa outfit in the top left corner? My nephew was born a month before last Christmas.)