I think we all saw this coming.

I changed our sex-determination ultrasound appointment to tomorrow night.

There actually was a reason for this, beyond my uncontrollable curiosity. GB’s Cool Aunt (who is actually only 8 years older than me–2 years closer in age to me than my older sister) gets into town tomorrow for Christmas, and she and GB’s mom are going to come down here from Saturday morning until Sunday. So I started thinking…wouldn’t GB’s mom love to be there when we find out What The Baby Is? Well, probably. Aunt B., maybe, maybe not…but she’ll come along regardless, and I’ll buy her a margarita afterwards. So I figured, really, developmentally there’s probably not a huge difference in those 6 days, so what the hell. Appointment has been changed to 7:30pm tomorrow (Saturday) night.


See, even with this, none of it feels really real yet…I’m still convinced that they won’t be able to tell anything at the ultrasound (thank gosh it’s cheap), and we’ll be back to waiting. But I’m excited to give it a shot.

(Though now I’m feeling all weird about it, because GB suggested I make the appointment for late afternoon–between lunch and dinner–but the only (i.e., I got the LAST) appointment they had for tomorrow was at 7:30. Now I’m all, crap, no one is going to want to drive 45 minutes each way to deal with this at 7:30. Which is really not that late, but I’m being self-conscious about setting up the appointment anyway, and now I’m kind of feeling like I’m inflicting my little adventure on people. Ugh. Self-consciousness? It’s a freaking curse.)

ETA: Here are the guesses so far–let me know if your is wrong, or if you haven’t guessed and want to. 🙂


  • Weezy
  • LillyRose (though her guess would ideally be based on how I’m carrying)
  • Tequila Fog (maybe)


  • JustMe
  • Addy N.
  • Dancingfish
  • Canada
  • Ursa
  • Kermit
  • Seeking Solace
  • Skycat
  • comebacknikki
  • Adjunct Whore
  • lil’rumpus
  • Anastasia