The problem with attending three high schools in four years is that, 20 years later, you get three times as many emails from people you don’t remember who are trying to plan reunions you would never consider going to.

Also, getting constant reminders that it’s been 20 years since I graduated from high school, and I am *still* in school, is not so pleasant either.

(Related sidenote: Is it really rude to refuse to friend someone on Facebook in this situation? Like, they message you about a high school reunion; you have absolutely no idea who they are, even after seeing their photos; you send a message (in response to theirs) saying that, in fact, not only do you have no contact whatsoever with anyone from high school, but you didn’t have any contact with them back then, either. It’s okay that I didn’t see any reason to make her my Facebook friend, right? Yes, I am stingy with my Facebook friendship.)