Y’all are a competitive bunch, huh? I like that. (I’m not so much like that, but I can appreciate it.)

Okay. Even though we’re not even halfway to the Buzzlet, I’m opening up the Buzzlet-Guessing-Pool. I’ll keep track of guesses in this post, for my amusement and your future gloating. Feel free to guess sex, weight, hair color, eye color, date, time…whatever you’re feeling precognitive about. Closest person to the actual Buzzlet arrival gets gloating rights, and something fun from me. I have no idea what this will be. I’m not promising that it’ll be something you want. But there you have it.

For reference: results of online gender predictions are here. (I’ll be posting results of our gender determination ultrasound next Friday night (the 21st), but you can still guess date, time, whatever after that.) Right now, our due date is either June 4th or June 5th (it’s a leap year, so it’s throwing things off).

Guesses so far:

  • LillyRose is guessing “boy,” tentatively. (FWIW, I know it’s early but so far I am definitely low and wide, which would make LillyRose’s guess “girl.”) Now with updated specific guessing!: June 7th, born at 1:30 pm, weighing 7 pounds 9 oz, with brown hair and hazel eyes. (Awesome guess! I haven’t even mentioned anything about our genetics of eyecolor or hair color…)
  • JustMe is guessing girl (and is having her own immaculate conception)
  • Addy N. says girl.
  • Weezy suggests I get the badass leather jacket ready for our little boy, born June 2 at 4 am.
  • Dancingfish says “kitten,” but will reluctantly go with girl.
  • Canada says “girl” (since, yes, twins have been ruled out), born June 9th.
  • Tequila Fog says boy. No, wait, girl.
  • Ursa gets way into the spirit with a guess of girl, 1 week past due date, 10:30 am my local time.
  • Kermit gets all crazy with a May 25 (8am) girl entry.
  • Seeking Solace is guessing girl, June 10th.
  • Skycat has decided to make it interesting with a $25 bet on a June 3rd, 7lb (+/- 6oz) girl. Any takers on that ($25 on all 3, only 3 right collects)? Let Skycat know. (Weezy, I know you can’t resist this….!)
  • ComeBackNikki is going with girl, June 7th, 1:35 PM. (That was our original due date, before the doctor started screwing around with it–I was kind of liking the 6/7/08 birthday.)
  • Adjunct Whore gets in the game: girl, June 8th, 9:32pm (A night-time vote! I was born at 8:10pm. Nighttime babies seem vastly outnumbered by the early morning babies, don’t they?)
  • Lil’Rumpus is willing to put down $25 on a girl, born June 10, at 7:32pm, weighing 7lbs 4oz.
  • Gretty is guessing boy, 8lbs 1oz, born in the late evening (or maybe late afternoon, depending on time zone issues) of June 2nd.

Did I miss anyone?ETA: You guys rock. The Buzzlet pool is really making me feel better about the whole Buzzlet thing…feels a little more real, you know?