So, as is pretty clear from the last couple posts, I’ve been thinking that I need something to pick me up a little and make me feel a little better about feeling pretty crappy. I’ve been trying to make the baby seem more real, but so far it’s not really working. Which is weird–I mean, I have the fetal doppler, and so I check in on the little parasite’s heartbeat every couple of days, so I know it’s actually there. And I know that there’s a package of baby stuff on its way to us from my sister (who was thoughtful enough to have her first baby a year ago, just in time for us to benefit from their hand-me-downs), and my mom has already sent a couple of baby gifts. And I’ve been obsessively shuffling things around on the baby registry, because–even though it’s still too early to actually shop from it (unless you’re my mom, apparently)–looking at “stuff” (or, if you like, “the material culture of American infancy”)* makes me feel better (good consumer that I am).

But none of that is really working, and I’m stuck with all my whiny complaints of the last few posts and nothing, yet, that’s making all this seem worth it.

So I thought, you know, what I need is to find out if we’re having a little Buzzlet or a little Boblet, so I can stop calling the li’l parasite “It”.

We have our next doctor visit on the 27th, but it’s with a different doctor, and I can’t count on an ultrasound (my doctor does them at every visit, but not all of the doctors do).

So I started checking out elective ultrasound places in the area. Most of them are pretty pricey, even for just a 2D gender determination ultrasound (because they do 3D and 4D ultrasounds too–which we are SO going to do, farther down the line). But dudes! I found a place about 1/2 an hour away that will do a basic 2D ultrasound (the regular kind) with “gender” determination for $25. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Hello, Christmas present to me!**

So we have an appointment for Dec. 21st, after GB gets off work (that’s his last day on this contract, actually), to hopefully find out what kind of baby we’ve got.*** Fingers crossed that the Buzz-Boblet cooperates and shows off its stuff.

*Can you tell I’ve been writing a lot lately?

**Actually, that is really super cheap. You don’t think they’re really some kind of fly-by-night organ-harvesting operation, do you? GB will be coming with me, just in case…

***Based on my dream last night, I think we’re having a white kitten, but that might not be so accurate.