• I found out this morning that the deadline for the fellowship application is not January 4th (as it was last year), but Feb. 15th. Holy shit! That gives me an extra six weeks! I still plan to have this chapter done by the 17th and off to the Advisor before we leave for the in-laws’, but at least the huge pressure is off.
  • I’m trying to decide whether to apply for another fellowship for next year. I think I probably will, but it makes me very anxious. The one I’ve been talking about is an internal fellowship, at through the grad school–it would give me enough money to live on next year while finishing the diss, but doesn’t allow me to do any teaching (which is, honestly, completely fine with me; I have no teaching here anyway, and would love to take the year to finish the diss and hang with the Buzzlet). This other one, though, would require a tiny bit of teaching (just one class and a colloquium), and would give me about the same amount of money (a little less, actually). BUT. It’s at my #1 University I’d Like to Teach At, which could potentially open up awesome opportunities. Thing is, it’s not in my field–it’s in my subfield (which I’m not emphasizing much lately), so I’m not sure that I can make it sound like my diss is relevant to this field. (I could, but it would be a stretch.) The other thing is that we’d need to move again–the U. the fellowship is at is about 2 hours north of here (less than an hour from GB’s parents/grandparents, which would be nice, too). But damn, this is the U. I would give up a (superfluous) body part to get hired at….I should at least apply for this fellowship, right? Yeah. I thought so. Anyway, that deadline is a lot sooner.
  • Damn, that was a long bullet.
  • I am going outside to KICK SOME LANDSCAPER ASS. Holy fucking shit. The sound of that weed-wacker is like nails on the chalkboard of my brain. And clearly, the person running it has no idea how it actually works. I can’t take much more of this.
  • Should I just go out and get some lunch early? Probably, huh? Maybe they’ll be gone when I get back…