Why, why, why? Why did I go back to the taqueria where I had the horrible, horrible quasi-quesadilla experience just days ago? If they can’t make an edible quesadilla, why did I expect anything else to be good?

Well–because they have rave reviews on Yelp. Stupid Yelp fuckers. I’m so over that site. (Also–Yelp is one of the sites that spies on you for Facebook. Rat bastards. See that link for other rat bastards, too.)

But holy hell. Those vegetarian tacos were not good. And you know what? I ate all THREE OF THEM anyway. Like, maybe they were going to get better as I went along?

Now my stomach hurts. I was already having an incredibly frustrating working day, and now I feel like ass.

Bleh. Kind of wishing for the morning sickness, now. I’m going to try drinking a ton of water, and if that doesn’t work, I might have to nap. Again.

Yeah, this post is 5 seconds of your life you’re not getting back. Sorry about that.