You know, at some point I hope I relax just a little bit about this whole baby thing, because I am so over this pre-doctor insomnia thing. I woke up at 4am and laid in bed for an hour, thinking, no fucking way am I getting up this early just because I’m awake. By 5am I had to admit that I was, in fact, not just wide awake but starving. So my day started way too early, which meant I had to take a nap when I got home from the doctor, which means that now I’m all groggy and feeling like I could easily sleep for the rest of the day.

So not so much work is getting done today, it seems. Does reading more dissertation-related books still count as work at this point? I’m hoping it does.

Anyway, though, the Buzzlet: the Buzzlet looks good! Apparently our li’l parasite is “unbelievably cooperative” and “so laid back!,” according to the ultrasound tech. I did get to see it move around a little, though, which was nice. The NT scan measurement was within the normal range–also good. As always, I’m impatiently awaiting bloodwork results…but overall, I think everything pretty much looked like it’s supposed to. And we’re a tiny bit farther along than we thought–well, we’re where I thought, farther along than the doctor thought–so we’ll be 13 weeks tomorrow. I’m doing a Happy Second Trimester dance right now.

Here’s the little Buzz-Bob waving:


Nice. The kid’s got style already.

Here’s a profile shot:

I’m actually not sure what’s going on there–I think it might be singing.

And here’s the whole big baby:


Dudes. Do you see that? That’s my baby’s *brain*. How freaking cool is modern medicine?

So–thanks to everyone who has been offering email support and Facebook hugs (and pelting me with mashed potatoes) while I’ve been all pre-doctor-anxious. Having All-Long-Distance friends is a lot easier when you guys talk to me everyday.