Well, InaDWriMo might be kind of a bust (though I will have this chapter done by the end of November…maybe not both chapters, but this one, at least), but I’m getting some things done. I bought a (fake) tree, and it’s up! I put the lights on, but I’m waiting for GB to get home tonight to put on the ornaments. We actually got rid of pretty much all of our old Christmas stuff in the move, so we’re starting fresh this year.

I think it looks pretty good, even ornament-less:

(When I was a kid–and had the same crappy eyesight I have now–I used to love to take my glasses off and look at the Christmas tree. In honor of my geeky seven-year-old-glasses-wearing self, this is what our tree looks like with my glasses off:)

Look! We already have a present! (Taken minutes before Walt became the first cat of the season to puke up fake tree needles.)*

In other news, I talked to Bad Idea on the phone today for the first time in four months, and I told him about the li’l Buzz-Bob. And confessed my deep, persistent thirst for martinis. I’m surprised by how much I actually miss Bad Idea–well, all of my East Coasters, really. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to the newest chapter of my life…but damn, I do miss the old ones.

Anyway. If you’ll excuse me, I think I need a nap. I walked all the way back from Evil Superstore carrying a goddamn 6′ tree in a box. This city sucks for public transportation, by the way. And no, I did not actually kill any of the FOUR (4) people on my walk home who felt compelled to utter the blindingly insightful observation, “Got a tree, huh?” Yeah. I got a tree.

*Aside to RL friends who know Walt: doesn’t he look huge (for him)? My sister the vet rocks.