I have had some amazing Thanksgivings over the years. For one reason or another, this day has always been about friends, for me; Christmas might be a family thing, but Thanksgiving is solidly a day to celebrate my friendships. While all of my friends (except GB, of course) are long-distance this year, I’m still celebrating y’all. Here’s my wander down memory lane of Luckybuzz’s Memorably Great Thanksgivings.

  • 1993: I had just moved to San Francisco. The Yogini (who was not, at the time, the Yogini, but y’all know who I mean) came out to spend Thanksgiving with me–just for a couple days, so we barely slept, to try to get the most time together. My then-boyfriend, the (Ex)Junkie-Rockstar, cooked a vegan dinner for us*–squash, veggies, some kind of tofu/tempeh protein thing. Every piece of food was the exact same shade of orange. The monochrome-Thanksgiving-feast memory still makes me smile.
  • 1994: The Yogini came out to SF *again* to spend Thanksgiving with me. How awesome is the Yogini, seriously? I was living in a vegetarian co-op with six other people, and we had a giant dinner. The (Ex)Junkie-Rockstar bought me Tom Petty’s Wildflowers CD (which had just come out), and we listened to it over and over while cooking dinner. Lots of people, lots of food, cigarettes on the back steps, and a rare San Francisco thunderstorm. Nice.
  • 1997: The Yogini and Skycat came over to my and GB’s apartment for dinner. We had a completely random meal involving my veggie shepherd’s pie and green bean casserole, and sat on the couch watching VH1’s Best Albums of All Time all day. Any entire day spent with Skycat and the Yogini is all right by me. (Skycat, please confirm: This was Thanksgiving day, right?)
  • 1998?: Gigantic feast at our friend Mountain Girl’s house. Ate all afternoon, did enormous quantities of drugs all night. You know it’s a good party when everyone is lying on the floor, full and happy and drugged up and calling across the room, “Someone come touch me!” I’m pretty sure that I let Mountain Girl cut my hair after consuming no less than three different kinds of drugs (that would be both of us, consuming). My hair never looked–or felt–so good. Ah, I do miss my misspent youth.
  • 2001: GB and I were living in Gorgeous Gay River Town. Three of our SF friends came up to spend a couple days with us. We had a totally laid-back dinner–we basically just ate all day and finished dozens of bottles of wine. Someone would say, I feel like making mashed potatoes, and they’d make them and we’d eat them and then keep drinking, and then someone else would say, I think I’ll make some green bean casserole and heat up the pie, and we’d eat those, and keep drinking….At some point we went out for more wine, and the evening may have ended with a big naked fleshpile. But, you know, I don’t so much kiss and tell. (Uh-HUH…)
  • 2005: White-trash dinner at GB’s and my house. The Wrangler and I cooked dinner–a pre-roasted turkey from the supermarket, store-bought side dishes, and green bean casserole made with Funyuns, because we couldn’t find the fried onion cans. Wine, friends, lots of naps.
  • 2006: Bumper pool, wine, tons of (really good) food (including Jason’s Martha-Stewart-esque appetizer trays) and damn-I-miss-them friends at Jason’s house.

And 2007 is looking all right so far. I made GB a super-sappy Thanksgiving mix CD, and we spent the morning listening to that and narrowing down our lists of baby names. It feels good to have him home after not seeing him for days, and the cats are being clingy and adorable. And I think we’re about to head out to–oh yeah!–Hometown Buffet for the Thanksgiving meal.

Like Big Star said…My life is right.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Wishing you friends, food, and that awesome feeling of gratitude today.

*Remind me sometime to tell you how many vegan junkies I’ve known. I mean actual heroin addicts (and one crackhead) who are diehard about their veganism. It’s kind of weird, actually.