You may have noticed more action than usual around here. (Sadly, not *that* kind of action. Have I mentioned I miss drinking?) I know–I went from mostly-blog-silence to multiple posts a day. These posts are brought to you by GB’s new job.

I’ve said a bunch of times on here that GB and I have been spending all day, every day, together. Pretty much since…well, I’d say since about June. Neither of us has been “working” in any real way, and we don’t know anyone here, so we’ve been together pretty much 24/7. And, yeah, we’ve driven each other a little crazy, but really not much, considering just how much time we spend in each other’s presence.

Well, GB started this contract job on Monday. Which is great–don’t get me wrong. This job only goes until mid-December, but it should lead to other opportunities down the road. In the meantime, since they’re trying to get some huge project done, they’re offering all the contractors *tons* of overtime–so basically, GB is now working 11-hour days, seven days a week.

He’s off on Thanksgiving, and I’m encouraging him to take one day off next week (because, dudes, that’s a LOT of hours), but overall, he’s a working madman. Yesterday he left the house before 7am and didn’t get home until after 9pm.

That means it was just me and the cats for 14 hours. So you see why you’re getting more posts from me.

In other news, apparently when I’m by myself I actually *CAN* just eat All. Day. Long.

In other other news, note that the InaDWriMo meter over there has moved. It’s a tiny, tiny bit, but it’s something. Go me!