I lived through my presentation. Whooohooo!

I really, honestly, literally almost passed out about 2 minutes into it…but apparently no one noticed me gasping for breath and wobbling at the podium (at least, according to my very kind friends Margie and Mr. Squirrel, who swear they couldn’t tell I was in trouble). And it ended, eventually, and a few people told me the paper was interesting, and a couple journal editors told me to submit it. So I guess that’s a success.

The editor meeting went okay too–it was short, but I told her more about the project and she said they’re interested. Obviously, now I need to get some writing done. I may have more questions for y’all about this stuff soon.

I go home tomorrow night, so more regular posting should resume after that. For now, I have Indian food in my dinner plans. Yippee!

(Oh, and the sober conference thing? Is much less fun. I really want this to be my one and only sober Big Damn Conference.)