So, I broke down and rented a fetal doppler. I keep seeing people talking about them on message boards, and I thought, you know, what the hell…pretty much anything that makes me freak out more is probably good, right?

So we tried it this afternoon and couldn’t find the Buzzlet’s heartbeat…though, happily, mine seemed to be beating just fine (and all over the place). We figured maybe it’s too early to hear anything yet. But then I tried it again tonight, and right away, as soon as I set it on my belly…

We heard the li’l parasite’s heartbeat!

Dude. That was really freaking cool.Β  It’s super-crazy-fast—I didn’t get the doppler with the display, but by my count it was about 175+ bpm (which, if you buy the lore about this stuff, means it’s a girl).*

Wow. So cool.

*For the record, I have no opinion on the gender thing. The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart says it’s a boy.Β  GB’s parents both think it’s a girl. GB told me recently that he thinks he *might* be feeling like it’s a girl. Me? I’ve had one dream about a baby, and it was dressed entirely in yellow. So go figure. What do y’all think?