I’m excited about Big Giant Conference next weekend. Not because I’m presenting a paper for the First! Time! Ever!, and not because I have this inexplicable (and scary) meeting with that editor at Big University Press. Not because I’ll be seeing The Advisor for the first time since May (holy crap, that’s nightmare-worthy…and I say that as someone for whom nightmares are becoming a nightly occurrence. This is a *really* scary situation.), not because I’ll be seeing colleagues from my program, not even because I’ll probably have dinner with Undergrad Mentor (who always makes me feel better about myself).

I’m excited about it because I get to hang out with her!

Yes, there will be BPAL sniffing aplenty, which will be awesome. And I’m sad that there will be no drinking, because that really is my favorite part of Big Giant Conference. But the awesomest thing about this is thatI am desperately craving friends lately, and hanging out with Margie and Mr. Squirrel is so what I need right now.*

And! Also for the First! Time! Ever!, GB will be accompanying me to Big Giant Conference!

So you can see why I’m all, paper? Present-a-what, now? Bring on the dinners!

Uh, yeah. Back to the Editing That Would Not Die.

*I am whiny and sad lately. I love hiding from the world in the house with GB, but I’m starting to feel like *maybe* moving to a brand new city at this particular point in time was not the best idea we’ve ever had. Who knew that I’d get all pregnant and weepy and uber-nostalgic? Or that the super-complicated conversations with my mom about Christmas plans would culminate in planning that GB and I *won’t* be flying back to see my family for the holidays? (Which means holidays with GB’s family, which is fine, but I miss my family, dammit.) Who knew, moreover, that the Lexapro was in fact masking all the pregnancy hormones, and that stopping the drug would suddenly bring all that weepiness right to the surface? Actually, come to think of it, maybe it’s good that no one but GB needs to deal with me lately….