See, because I spend most of my life hiding in my house, I almost never have to deal with interactions with Actual People. So when they happen,Β  I have no idea what to do. So–and sorry if this is horribly lame–can someone tell me how to respond here?*

The situation: I got an email from the [my field] editor at Large U. Press, saying that they’d seen the abstract of my paper for Big Giant Conference, and were wondering if I was planning a book project based on this, because it looks good for their series on [my subfield]. She wants to talk to me at Big Giant Conference.

I assume this is a pretty standard thing, but what with this being my first time at this whole thing, I’m a little nonplussed.** Also, she addressed me as “Dr.” Luckybuzz, so I assume I should let them know that this is actually part of my dissertation…Is there some kind of etiquette or template or something for responding to this kind of thing?

*Yes, Margie, this was originally going to be an email to you, but I decided to share my neurotica more widely this time…

**I think this is the first time I’ve ever used this word correctly. I hope. You can let me know if I’m wrong.