In a way, I’m kind of glad that I’m not the only one feeling the InaDWriMo pressure (and not responding so well). I would like to add my list of excuses to those of my fellow InaDWriMo tomorrow-will-be-better friends. So, here’s what I’ve done in the past couple days:

  • Napped, woke up groggy, laid around petting the cats, and napped again. Rinse and repeat.
  • Spent some time wondering if my general grogginess, moodiness, and irritability stem from hormones, SSRI withdrawal, or a little of both.
  • Consumed every type of food that crossed my mind. Apparently, once I hear or read of a food, my brain decides that it MUST HAVE whatever that food is. And then I’m good. Needless to say, I am completely at the mercy of commercials, dreams, and passing comments by strangers.
  • Wrote a tiny bit of chapter three–this mostly involved finding parts of the conference paper that work at the beginning of the chapter, rewriting them a bit, and adding miniscule amounts of new information. I hope to do more of this…tomorrow.
  • Re-read conference paper. Decided–again–that it really does suck. Doesn’t matter–I will slog through. But it’s really hard to practice it out loud, because of, you know, the sucking. I’m trying.
  • Started re-reading (for real, this time) The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook. I am determined to avoid recurrence of the panic attacks. I am convinced that my new lifestyle–specifically the not drinking, though avoiding caffeine and poly-induced-stress as well–will let me be panic-free and drug-free. Here’s hoping.
  • Watched DVDs with GB. I’m sure this doesn’t seem as vitally important as it really is. We just started Oz (and crse, I can’t watch it without thinking of you and Gill!). It’s awesome. Also, the Netflix “watch instantly” thing is pretty freaking cool, even though they don’t have many things we want…but if we ever feel inclined to watch every season of Quantum Leap, they’re all right there, baby.
  • Um. Um. Um. Yeah, I’ve just been wasting time. And watching GB waste time. Tomorrow, then, I make some progress.