That’s what the doctor said this morning, and I’m with her. Here’s today RBO good stuff, to compensate for yesterday’s bitchfest.

  • Our OB rocks. She’s very nice and a little goofy. I like that.
  • We saw the li’l raspberry (actually, I think it’s closing in on the size of a grape) on the ultrasound. I can’t believe how much bigger it’s gotten in the past two weeks! We got a picture, but it’s not a great one–which is too bad, because there was a really clear picture on the screen, but the doc needed to re-measure with a different one. Regardless, it’s there, it’s growing, and we got to see the crazy-fast heartbeat.
  • Dudes. We made a tiny proto-person with a heartbeat. That’s cool.
  • After the appointment, we had the perfect lunch: tuna melts and french fries at a cute little diner we’d never been to before. Have I mentioned how much I love eating right now?
  • Oh, and–amazingly, the doctor was all, “You’re eating a ton? Good for you! Your weight gain seems fine. Eat up.”
  • Yes, I am going to be very smug about telling my mom that.
  • You know what else completely rocks about today? A surprise care package in the mail from Skycat and the Yogini.Ā  With cookies (THEY SENT ME FOOD!!!! OMGSUPERPONIES!!!!!), and pint glasses, and gourds, and hippy-yoga info (yes, I know which of you put that in there), and a gorgeous card, and goddamn, I’ll say it again: I have the Best. Friends. Ever.
  • I wish they were closer. But otherwise, you know, they rock.
  • I took a three-cat-nap when we got back this afternoon.Ā  Decadent.