I was nervous about it at first, but now I am so ready for this. I got the conference paper written (after doing *no* writing at all in…crap…let’s just say months and months), and realized that it’s actually the skeleton of one of my diss chapters. Oh, and I have two chapters that are almost 3 months past my advisor’s deadline. So yeah, I’m ready for InaDWriMo 2007!

The fact that just about a million people are participating is helping, too…I’m not so big on competition, but I do thrive on the prospect of public shaming. So. My word counters are over there in the sidebar, ready to go. I’m pledging 20,000 words during the month of November.

(Secretly, I will be proud of myself for writing 1/10th of that. But no! The pledge will be met! Uh, I mean, *I* will meet the pledge.)

Okay! Two more days of slacking, and it’s on.