I’ve been nauseated for the past 24 hours. The only time I’m not sick is when I’m sleeping. All hail sleeping.

I’m not really a puker–I mean, I’m *really* not a puker. Jagermeister-induced bathroom-spackling moments aside*, I tend to just hang onto my queasiness. It’s not necessarily a good thing, but there it is.

And then I took a shower, and my soap–my new Pumpkin soap! That I’ve been waiting for! Because it’s so awesomely Halloweeny! — totally turned my stomach.

Dammit. I can’t drink. I can’t smoke (uh, I mean I “don’t” smoke). I can’t do recreational drugs (not that I have been, but still). I can’t take my beloved Klonopin.

And now I can’t smell fabulous, either.

I swear to goddess, if I lose my appetite too I may just go on a rampage.

*I’m trying to find that post in my archives, and it’s nowhere to be found. Did I actually *not* blog about spackling Bad Idea’s bathroom with Jager-puke last July? That seems like quite the glaring omission.