So, you know, I’ve been lonely lately. GB and I pretty much spend all of our time together, and I love his company and continue to be amazed at our ability to spend all day and night, every day, together without wanting to inflict bodily harm. So that’s awesome.

But it’s really weird, not having friends here. We have one friend in this town–a San Francisco friend who happens to be living here now. We didn’t know she was here when we moved here, so that was a nice surprise. But a lot of the SF people are really hardcore drinking friends, and I am not so much the hardcore drinker these days (alas!). So we’ve seen her twice since we’ve been here, and she’s awesome, but I don’t expect to see her much more often than we’ve been.

And we’re not going out, which is where we usually meet people–I mean, every one of our East Coast friends came from our local bar. And yes, we could go out to the bar anyway. But we’re broke, and you know, I really freaking love drinking. And the idea of sitting in a bar all night *not* getting hammered is not so appealing to me right now.

So this is really just a whine. I’m lonely. I don’t really see a way to meet people here (and I’m not really looking for suggestions on that…yes, I know there are other ways to meet people, but I’m not feeling motivated to pursue any of them). I miss the hell out of my friends who are scattered around the country, and I feel cut off, and it’s bumming me out.

And yeah. This is my third cross-country move, and I am all too familiar with this phase of loneliness in a new city. And it passes; every time, I end up making fabulous new friends. But right now, it makes me sad.

And I’m hungry.

All the freaking time. And all of you with your amazing cooking and dinner-party skillz (I’m looking at you, Skycat and Adjunct Whore and MaggieMay, but I know there are more of you out there too…you’re killing me with these posts! I’m hungry. I’m lazy. I have no friends who can cook living nearby. Oh my god, what I would give for Skycat’s veggie tacos or Bad Idea’s homemade salsa or Jason’s grilled chicken or Weezy’s greenie beanie casserole.

Okay. Whine over. I feel better for venting a little.

So, who wants to visit? Bring food!