GB made Thai iced tea tonight.

It is So. Freaking. Good.

Part of me is kind of hoping morning sickness kicks in a little, because I feel like I’m feeling way too normal.

Part of me knows that I will absolutely regret that statement.

And part of me is loving that an unexpected (to me) side effect of this pregnancy is that things that I want? Taste SO DAMN GOOD NOW.

Do with this information what you will. If it makes you feel oddly compelled to send me doughnuts, you really shouldn’t hold back on that.

(Secret note to Skycat: I was completely craving your nachos yesterday. You know, the camping nachos? Yum. And then I started thinking about other foods you make, and I told GB we need to come visit you ASAP. Or maybe you need to bring nachos and the Yogini to see us?)