Y’all know I’m a big anxious worried freak, so you can imagine that this was a huge relief to me today:

You guys–that’s the BABY!

(Okay, well, it’s the fetal pole. But the doctor *totally* saw the heartbeat! We didn’t quite catch it–it’s so tiny!–but she says we’ll be able to see it at the next visit, in two weeks.)

It seems a hell of a lot more real now. And pretty freaking cool.

(This blog is not going to be all-OMG-I’m-preggo-all-the-time. Seriously. Because I don’t think I could stand myself if it was. But you guys! This is pretty neat. That’s going to be a person! Insha’Allah….)

I told the doctor I know when we conceived, but she seemed a smidge skeptical. Her measurement on the ultrasound puts the little appleseed at about 3 days less than what I was thinking…so I think I’m right.

Whoooo! Fetal pole! Rock on!