(Because I like westerns, too.)

The Good:

  • I got the second installment of my student loan checks for this semester, and should be getting the third (and last) in the next few days. This is excellent, and timely, news.
  • I had a *fabulous* birthday on Friday and a great birthday weekend. GB and I had a great morning together (and he made me TWO mix CDs…how lucky am I?) and a great long drive down south, then we had a seriously rockin’ fun weekend with the amazing and adorable Trixie and G-Love. They made us fabulous key lime margaritas, didn’t laugh at my first attempts at Wii Bowling, and sang Queen with us in the car. And dudes. They took us to see X! How freaking cool is *that*?
  • We also stopped at Lush, and I got some really freaking yum-a-rific stuff, including this conditioner bar (which I didn’t expect to like, and now am convinced I can’t live without–my hair looks fabulous). And tonight I ordered just a few more yummy things (because GB’s mom wanted some, and I had to be a good daughter-in-law and buy them, right? And then it’s a shame to waste the shipping charges on just a few things…)

The Bad: 

  • We’re not moving into our new apartment until around the 21st, now. It keeps getting pushed back, and I’m not happy about it.
  • I was awarded a summer research grant in May, and I have yet to receive the check. Every time I check, I’m told that it’s still being processed/has just been processed/will be ready soon. It’s September, friends. So much for using those funds for “summer research.”
  • The utility companies in southern California? I think they might all be staffed by…um…Special Folks. (GB and G-Love: do you think they might be associated with this place?) It’s been a frustrating process, getting the internet turned on.

The Ugly: 

  •  GB’s dad told me tonight (while we were washing dinner dishes, so I really couldn’t get away) that he believes he’s the reincarnation of this guy (who he learned of in this book), and “that’s where I get all my legal knowledge.” Ummmmmm. Huh. How many days until the 21st?
  • I have made no progress on the dissertation. None. Zilch. Zipadeedodah. I know The Advisor’s been busy too this summer (and I got an email–well, I was one of a dozen people it was addressed to–to that effect today), but I’m feeling guilty and miserable about not meeting ANY of my chapter deadlines this summer, and I’m convinced he’s going to Run The Fuck Away from my Whirlwind-Of-Nonproductive-Crap any minute. I need to email him–tomorrow!–and explain (again, for fuck’s sake) why this summer just hasn’t worked out, and how I’m convinced I’ll have a more productive fall, and blah-blah-blah-don’t-break-up-with-me-I-can-change. Fucking hell.
  • I can now officially add “depression” to my list of mental illnesses and neuroses. Whoo. Hoo.

Thank gods for bath-product-goodness, cheap wine, and GB’s unending patience with me. I’m slogging through.