Days spent in New Town looking for apartments: 2
Miles, one way, from GB’s Parents’ to New Town: 172
Number of times I snapped at GB for completely pointless things that were really my fault: ~48
Number of times GB expressed his undying hatred for Hilton hotels: 6
Number of roaches in our first room at the Hilton: 1 too many
Caffeinated beverages consumed by me: ~12
Apartments seen: ~10
Number of times I felt utterly humiliated and pathetic about our crappy credit and current (temporary!) lack of income: 5
Time my mom spent at a Staples in Home State trying to fill out and fax her co-signer application for us: way too freaking long
Probability that there’s a place in heaven for my mom: 100%
Number of times I thought, “I’m too old for this crap”: 2
Cost of the apartment we liked best of all the ones we saw, compared to our last East Coast apartment: -$30/month
Size of the apartment we liked best, compared to our last East Coast apartment: +a few hundred square feet
Number of applications we actually submitted: 1, on Apartment We So Totally Love Best